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Nature camping site Petite Suisse

Panorama camping site Petite Suisse is located at a height of 500 meters in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. Petite Suisse is unique in its location thanks to the stunning panorama view all around the camping site. Love to go camping in nature? This is a camping site surrounded by nature and the Ardennes forests. Climb to the top of the forest and take in the breathtaking view of the entire area.

Nature camping site in Dochamps, close to La Roche

All around you is breathtaking nature. This makes for a great location for all kinds of outdoor sports, but there is no need to be quite so active to enjoy the beautiful nature around the camping site. Put on your good walking shoes, bring your camera and provisions, and make it a great day for hiking. There is plenty to see at this camping site in the Ardennes surrounded by nature.

This beautiful nature area is not only great in summer, but can also be enjoyed in winter. Close to this camping site is a ski slope where you can go cross-country skiing or sledding with the children.

What is there to see in the area of the nature camping site?

The Ardennes is known for its pine forests. The smell greets you the moment you enter the nature area of the Ardennes with your car. But the Ardennes is not just all forests. There are cliffs, mountains and beautiful rivers, brooks and waterfalls.

Close to the nature camping site are the Caves of Han, the Caves of Remouchamps. Here you can row along the Rubicon, the longest underground river.

Nature at the camping site

The stunning views at nature camping site Petite Suisse in the Ardennes are back to greet you when you return to your accommodation or tent in the evening. Unwind on the patio in the evening sun or have a bite to eat at the nature camping site's bar/restaurant.

Our Ranger program for children shows that Petite Suisse is a true nature camping site in the Ardennes. The children can join daily activities during the holiday, such as building dams, spotting animals, measuring trees, looking for tracks, and much more.

Visit the best nature camping site in the Ardennes, Petite Suisse!