1. Only 40 minutes by car from the track
  2. Located in the heart of the Ardennes
  3. Camping spots & accommodations

The Grand Prix in Spa Francorchamps

Would you like to attend the Grand Prix in Spa Francorchamps to see how Max Verstappen will do? He has already come in first place once during this Formula 1 season. Would it not be fantastic to be a part of it during the weekend of 27 to 29 August?

Have you yet to find an accommodation during the largest Formula 1 event in the Benelux region? If so, you still have the chance to make a reservation at Panorama Camping Petite Suisse to relax after a day at the Spa Francorchamps racing track, located at approximately 60 kilometers' distance.

Did you know the following about Spa Francorchamps?

At Panorama Camping Petite Suisse, you can relax after day of Formula 1 at the Spa Francorchamps racing track. You can do so by going out for a bite to eat at the camping's bar restaurant, or by discussing the day's events for a while in front of your accommodation or tent while enjoying a fantastic view. Because the camping is located on the southern slope, you'll be able to soak up the last rays of sunlight. In addition to these benefits, the camping also offers a heated swimming pool where you can swim a few lengths. Any children accompanying you will be able to participate in the daily activities, such as theater shows, treasure hunts or fox searches. Live music has been specially arranged for you during the Grand Prix/Formula 1.

Which accommodations can be booked at Petite Suisse during the Grand Prix?

There are various accommodations and camping spots available for reservation, ranging from fully furnished tents to luxurious chalet caravans. In addition, we also offer camper spots as well as various camping spots. Regardless of your choice, you will have plenty of space and privacy around your accommodation. You can even select a preferred spot while booking. Will you come enjoy the Formula 1 Spa at Petite Suisse? Go ahead and see what's available!