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Holiday park Belgium at a beautiful location

Petite Suisse is situated in a beautiful location. From this holiday park in Belgium, you can easily make your way into a magnificent area for hiking, mountain biking or engaging in other outdoor sports. The holiday park in Belgium offers many terraces with a magnificent and wide view of the surroundings.

'Petite Suisse is a holiday park in Belgium, located at the most beautiful spot in the Ardennes'- the Boetzer family.

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Camping or renting an accommodation

At the holiday park in Belgium, you can choose to enjoy a great camping trip together. In case you decide that it would be too much hassle to bring camping equipment, you could go camping in one of our furnished tents. In addition, there's the option of a stay at a chalet, a family accommodation (for 12 persons!) or at a cozy, completely furnished mobile home.

'We booked a stay at Petite Suisse last year when we were looking for a holiday park in Belgium. It was a fantastic vacation and the children had a great time!' - the Jansen Family

Facilities holiday park Belgium

In addition to practical facilities, you will also find lots of entertainment at holiday park Belgium. This includes a swimming pool, a tennis court, and there's a cozy bar for the teenagers and adults, where you can enjoy some delicious Belgian beers or refreshing drinks and ice creams.

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Impression of our holiday park in Belgium