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Petite Suisse Ardennes

Peaceful camping site Ardennes | Petit Suisse

  • Lots of opportunities for hiking and cycling
  • Located in the heart of the Ardennes
  • Camping pitches & accommodations

Peaceful camping site Ardennes

Nature? Check! Space? Ditto! Calm? Certainlty! Camping site Petite Suisse is a beautiful and peaceful camping site located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. The camping site is located at a height of 500 meters, which gives you a stunning view of the rolling hills and forests from your spacious camper or camping pitch or from your comfortable accommodation. Book your stay at our peaceful camping site in the Ardennes!


Sfeerimpressie van onze camping⤵

Relaxing at a peaceful camping site in the Ardennes

Need some relaxation, space and nature? Spend your holiday at panorama camping site Petite Suisse, a beautiful and peaceful camping site surrounded by nature and tons of space. The camping site has a diverse selection of accommodations to meet all your needs. Are you a fan of basic camping in your camper or tent, or would you rather avoid the stress of packing and setting up a tent? Camping site Petite Suisse has great camper and camping pitches and fully furnished family tents, both with all necessary facilities. If you would like just a bit more luxury and comfort while still experiencing the charm of the camping site and camping, how about staying at a nice mobile home or an authentic chalet?


Utmost enjoyment at our peaceful camping site in the Ardennes

Enjoy yourself to the utmost at camping site Petite Suisse. This peaceful camping in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes has all facilities and services you need for a carefree holiday. There is a launderette on the grounds and a modern and heated sanitary building. Freshly baked buns and small groceries can be bought at the camping store. There is free Wi-Fi around the main building to check your messages and emails.

There is plenty to do, or not do, at out peaceful camping site in the Ardennes. Sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking view from your tent or accommodation. Take in the area by hiking, biking or canoeing and recuperate back at your tent or accommodation with a bite to eat, a drink and a great view. Book your ideal holiday at our peaceful camping site in the Ardennes or contact us for more information!