Explore the culture and attractions in the area

During the holidays it is great to explore the area. That really gives you the feeling of "I-am-in-a-foreign-country", maybe you even are! Other nature, other buildings, another language, something totally different. This certainly applies to the Belgian Ardennes. The wildlife parks, caves, castles or amusement parks are an experience you should not miss.


Wildlife parks, caves and mines

During a visit to one of the wildlife parks, you will see deer, wild boar and foxes in their natural surroundings. The mines and the caves are also a special attraction. Get to know the world underground in which miners performed hard work in the past. And learn about the emergence of stalagmites and stalactites, the result of a process of millions of years. For most Dutch and Flemings, the Caves of Han-sur-Lesse are the most famous caves in Belgium. With four attractions, two restaurants, a playground and a mini farm, this is a great place for a wonderful day out! The Caves of Han is the only attraction that has three stars in the Michelin guide in Belgium. Furthermore, there are well-known caves: Lorette-Rochefort cave ('Cave of Hanes' caves), Caves of Remouchamps (Aywaille), Hotton sur Ourthe Cave and Rumelange mining museum.


A grab of the varied outings in the area

Monuments, castles and museums
During a tour around the area you will find beautiful buildings. In almost every village you will find gorgeous churches with different styles, often built centuries ago. Impressive are the war memorials for the victims of the First and Second World War. During a visit to a castle you get the impression how the nobility lived there before. In the museums you can find out more about history.
Castle of Bouillon, Ruins of La Roche Castle, Basilica of St. Hubert, Archaeological Museum of Godfried of Bouillon, Animalaine (Bastogne), Francorchamps Museum.

Plopsacoo en de waterfalls of Coo, Parc Chlorophylle (Dochamps), Childsworld Houtopia (Houffalize), Euro Space Center (Transinne).

Monde Sauvage (Aywaille), Wildlife park van Han-sur-Lesse, La crète de cerfs Bouillon, Ferme des Bisons (Bastogne). City's: Dinant, Spa, Malmédy, Durbuy, La Roche en Ardenne, Luxemburg stad, Bastogne, Luik en Bouillon.

War museums and monuments
Bastogne Historical Center, Museum “December 44” (La Gleize), Museum of the Ardennenoffensief (La Roche), citadel of Dinant.


And a number of different other fun outings

La Roche, Bomal, Rochefort, Spa, Bouillon, St. Hubert, Vielsalm, Houffalize, Hotton en Bastogne.

Topiaires Durbuy, Labyrinth Barvaux-sur-Ourthe.

Barvaux-sur-Ourthe, Durbuy en Spa.

Sports and recreation

Sailing of the Ourthe of de Lesse, Formule 1 circuit (Francorchamps), Baraque de Fraiture en Baraque Michel (langlaufen en skiën), Railbike (Falaën), Thermen (Spa), Karttrack (Bouillon), Quad driving.

Subtropical pools
Sunparks Vielsalm, Aqua L’O in Houffalize

Luxemburg city, Bastogne, Namen, Luik en Durbuy


Hiking & biking

Explore the surroundings by bike or by hiking.