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Rafting in the Belgian Ardennes

It's a beautiful place, the Belgian Ardennes. A true Valhalla for outdoor sports enthusiasts. There are many outdoor sports available, ranging from mountain biking to climbing, or from canoeing to abseiling. If you don't scare easily, rafting might be just the thing for you. As long as the weather permits it, the Ardennes make for a great area for it. You won't have to travel far from the Netherlands either. There are various great places for rafting at a stone's throw from camping Petite Suisse.

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Where in the Ardennes can you go rafting?

Rafting in the Ardennes is done mostly on the river Ourthe. When the water levels are sufficiently high, the Ourthe can be traversed from Nisramont to Hamoir. The river is rated as class I and II for rafting. This makes the river ideal for beginners. In order to learn how to raft, a professional instructor will take you onto the river, allowing you to get to know the various techniques involved. An outing for daredevils that is guaranteed to be adventurous! It can happen that the water level in the Ardennes is not high enough for rafting. This means your rafting adventure will have to be canceled. Would you like certainty? Opt for the rapids course in Arras! This beautiful rapids course in the northern part of France is usually just as nearby as the Ardennes, and nothing will get in the way of your rafting adventure.

Rafting and overnight stays at Petite Suisse

To start your rafting activities in the Ardennes well-rested, it's important to have a pleasant base camp. Petite Suisse offers everything you need to turn your vacation into a wonderful survival or water holiday. The fantastic area offers you the option of breaking free from the worries of everyday life. In addition, it also allows you to go swimming, as well as to go out and enjoy a beer or a nice glass of wine at the camping's cozy bar. In short, Panorama Camping Petite Suisse has everything needed to make your vacation a wonderful, carefree holiday!

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Rafting Ardennes
Rafting Ardennes
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What should you do and bring in order to go rafting in the Ardennes?

There's an office at camping Petite Suisse offering rafting on the Ourthe. When clicking on the RHM Outdoor Sports website, you'll find information regarding the rafting. Often, you won't have to bring any equipment for it. It is important, however, that you make your reservation on time, and that you take into account that the adventure must sometimes be canceled due to the river's water level. Oh, and don't forget to bring your swimming trunks. Have fun rafting!

'I've always had a great time! Friendly staff, plenty of entertainment. And definitely lots of sportive and exciting outdoor activities for the adventurous types as well!' Tamara, rating 10.


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