Dodon and his friends

Read the story of Dodon and the heroes that Dodon met at his journey. You can also really meet them on Petite Suisse. Experience adventures with them during the campsite activities. See what activities are on the animation program


Dodon grows up as a smart and brave boy in the hills of the Belgian Ardennes. Often he leaves the village in the valley, strikes his tent in the woods to stay the night next to a campfire. He gets to know the animals, teaches them and helps them where necessary. Thus, one day he finds a small deer that is severely weakened and abandond by his parents. Dodon pampered over the animal and creates a warm cage under his self-built lookout tower. Because he does not know who the parents are of the animal and it has no name, Dodon decides to call him Cervus. They become best friends and grow up together. Dodon as a protector of the area, Cervus as a news transporter for the animals. When Dodon is bigger, he keeps daily watch from the Ranger tower on the valley.


One day he sees smoke ascending from a dark place in the forest. He collects all his animal friends and hurries to the place of evil to extinguish the fire, but when he arrives there he sees nothing. However, he meets Promprom, according to his own words, the last Ardennes Grotter (originally small cave dwellers). Promprom, a little old dwarf, shows Dodon the mysterious place where the smoke came from: the chimney of his grothut. The two close friendship and Dodon learn to recognize all kinds of herbs and healing plants by the wisdom of the Grotter.


He also explores, while walking with Promprom, beautiful, until then uncovered pieces of nature. The young Dodon remembers all the places he has been, maps them and gives the areas appropriate names. Like the mountain of Promprom. At the windy summit Promprom tells exciting stories about the Grotters and their battle with the Giant named Klos. Promprom teaches Dodon recognizing the "melody of the wind", which only sounds on this mountain top and only whispers truths. The older Dodon becomes, the more he learns from the environment. This way he gets in touch with the naughtiness of Fripon, the wroeter, a wild boar who loves to wreck a trail of destruction.


But also Kokkienel, a friendly ladybug with a catchy cheerful character. The friends continue to meet with each other, until one day Promprom has disappeared. The wind whispers Dodon to go to the cave and there Dodon finds a piece of wood with inscribed letters. Dodon decries with difficulty "Klos the Giant". This is the only proof of life. Dodon leaves his friend Cervus, now grown to a powerful nobility with an imposing antlers, asking all the animals of the forest if somebody has seen Promprom, but the search is unprecedented.

Klos the Giant

One morning, Kokkienel exhausted by the fly comes to the Rangertower. Kokkienel has seen Promprom: he is caught in Klos's cave. Dodon discovers that the cave is collapsing. If he does not think about anything quickly, Pomprom will not make it. The collapsing blocks of rocks also threaten the village in the valley, where Dodon originally came from. Through a dangerous "Ranger Route" and with the help of his strong friend Cervus, Dodon knows how to harmless liberate Promprom, although they are still counteracted by Fripon's wild boar.


Klos the Giant is never heard of anymore. It is assumed that he has found his end in the collapsing of the cave. The only one who doubts is Kokkienel: she has heard the whispers that Promprom was actually lost in one of his so loved walks in Klos's caves. Either way, Promprom has been saved and the dwellers honor the brave Dodon by naming the village to its nickname: "Don Champion" becomes Dochamps. From that day, Dodon the Ranger and Cervus give their knowledge to all the children of the village, during his adventurous tours along the Ranger route ...