Join the many adventurous activities

The hilly surroundings of the Belgian Ardennes are excellent for practicing a large number of outdoor activities, such as climbing, abseiling, mountain biking and caving. Throughout the year, these and other outdoor activities are organized by the company RHM Buitensport from the campsite. Or, determine the program itself! Create a spectacular action program yourself. Whether you choose action and adventure for one day or several days, it doesn't matter. Decide which of the activities you and the rest of the group most appeal to and book! Each activity covers about one part of the day.



Mountain biking / challenging trail

Guided mountain biking / mountain bike rental
On All Terrain Bikes you will make an exciting and spectacular ride through the hills and surroundings of the Belgian Ardennes. Our instructor will show you the best forest paths and downhill runs. He also gives directions beforehand and during the tour so that any obstacles or thrilling descents can be taken in the right way. You can also choose to rent the ATBs and go your own way. The routes are usually clearly indicated and we also have bike maps available. There are different rates for guided mountain biking, mountain bike rentals for half a day and a whole day.

Challenge trail / Adventurewalk
In the beautiful unspoilt nature of the Belgian Ardennes we take you for a challenging obstacle course / stormy course, which involves a number of obstacles over land and water. You will have to climb along the banks of the river and the same river will have to be crossed several times using different rope bridges. Slingers, rope bridges, a climbing network and challenging obstacles provide stress, humor and team building. Of course, it's the challenge to stay dry.





Rope trail /Climbing adventure

Climbing adventure with Abseilen en Tokkelen

Abseiling from 35 meters high, everyone must have done this once in his life! Under the guidance of our instructor, almost everybody succeeds in overcoming his fear. But do not forget to enjoy the beautiful view! Tokkelen: You're at the top of the rock, the instructor attaches you to a cable and asks if you're done. You doubt, but jump! You rush over land and water and enjoy the amazing view! This is one of the Ardennes longest lanes.

Rope trail / High Rope trail
In an old quarry we have hung several spectacular rope bridges and a large climbing grid. After everyone's girdle, the whole group goes into height. Do you dare to shift your boundaries and walk the highest bridge?



Paperjump/Driving the quad

PamperJump incl. Trapeze jump
Step by step you climb the tree higher and higher. On top of that, you try to keep as quiet as possible. You concentrate and hear the rest of the group counting down. 3 ... .2 ... .1 ... Jump! You jump to the trapeze, will you get it?!

Driving quad
On a 4-wheel motorbike you will explore the Ardennes countryside. First you get an explanation and then we drive into nature through asphalt roads and forest paths. Suitable for young and old. We have quad tours for people with and without driving license.



GPS Dropping/GPS Hike

GPS Drop
Just like at one time on a school trip, you are dropped at a certain distance from the starting location. Using modern GPS technology, you can find the way back home. Do you find your way back home? (Optionally also possible from your own location)

GPS Hike
Finding the way without using directions but using modern technology. Let the satellite help you and find the final location through GPS with your team! We have routes of approximately 2 - 8 hours.


GPS Adventure/GPS Achouffe beertasting-trip

GPS Adventure / GeoCaching
The GPS is used to search for "treasures" hidden somewhere in the Ardennes. Unfortunately, the GPS device only indicates the direction where the treasure is hidden. You will have to decide the road to follow yourself. Do you find the treasure?

GPS Achouffe beertasting-trip
Under the guise of what you find you may keep. We have cloggedbottles Achouffe on the GPS tour. If you find a bottle, you can actually keep it and use it once you're back.

Oriëntation tour / photo tour

Oriëntation tour / Hike / Eveningwalk

Using a map, compass and sometimes a GPS, you are on the go. On the way you get different orientation coordinates that are not always as easy. Do you find the way back in the fastest way?

Photo tour
With the help of a photo album you will explore the hills of the Ardennes. Take a look around you or the photographs match with what you see. We can also add assignments in the photo tour to create a photo puzzle trip.