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Privacy statement

Article 1 Processing and security

Processing and security of personal data
When you make a reservation at Petite Suisse, we need certain data from you. In other cases, too, for instance during requests for information, administration regarding contests and visiting our websites, do we process data. In doing so, we also use third parties who receive certain personal data in order to process it on behalf of Petite Suisse. This happens, for instance, for the purpose of sending brochures, mailings and other marketing tools, or for processing our guest survey.

Below, we describe in more detail which data we may process, and what we use them for:

First name, surname and gender
In order to address you personally at our camping, but also during our continued correspondence, we would like to use your personal details. Of course, they are also needed to register your booking in order to financially process it.

Address and place of residence
We will send most booking details to you via email. However, some information is sent to your (home) address. We need a valid address for the invoicing as well.

Telephone number
It may happen that we need to contact you regarding your booking. We will make a quick call in case there are any questions, and might send you an SMS in case your bungalow becomes available sooner. Sometimes, we make a call before arrival or afterwards in order to ask if everything is clear, and if everything has been to your satisfaction.

Birth dates
Those booking an accommodation at Petite Suisse must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, tourist tax can vary depending on the age of those staying at the accommodation. For this reason, we need birth dates. In case you or one of the members of your party are having their birthday during the stay, we try to take it into account and might arrange for something extra.

Payment details
In order to be able to pay for your booking, we use a secure payment environment. In case you pay via iDeal/Bancontant or by bank transfer, your details will be saved in our administration to correctly link the payment to your booking. Other than that, we will only use your bank account number in case we are refunding an amount to you. When you pay using a credit card, we send your credit card details from our secure environment to our credit card partner directly. They handle our credit card payments. We do not get to see your credit card details in the process. Our partner will only let us know whether your payment was successful.

Email address
You will receive an email about your reservation, invoice and bookings you have made. Newsletters are sent via email as well. If you prefer not to receive any more newsletters and offers, you can easily unsubscribe using the link in the newsletter.

Article 2 Purposes

We use your data for the following purposes:

Your personal data may be included in your 'Petite Suisse account'. This includes your name, mail and invoice address, date of birth, telephone number and login credentials. This is convenient, because it means you won't have to enter them every time. We also store data regarding your previous bookings. This allows us to help you faster and more efficiently.

If you have participated in a campaign, we may contact you and inform you about the campaign. We also use these data to analyze our campaigns.

Tailored advice
When you visit our website, like us on Facebook or create a booking with us, we remember your preferences. We help you out with great special offers, for instance via email. We also use your data to improve our services and websites. In addition, we use them to show you useful advertisements, for instance on Facebook and Instagram. It is possible, when using multiple devices, that you will see these advertisements on those other devices as well, for instance when using social media. Cookies are involved in this process. In order to customize information and offers to match your interests as closely as possible, we may have your data compared or combined with data known to other companies. Insofar as is required by law, Petite Suisse will ask you for your permission before sharing data with third parties.

You may receive newsletters and other offers from us. For their content, we consider your interests and previous bookings, and sometimes data from other companies. We are allowed to send you, as an existing customer, emails without permission or registration, as long as they concern similar products and/or services.

If you prefer not to receive newsletters and offers anymore, you can unsubscribe using the link in the newsletter. You can also notify us by sending a postcard to Petite Suisse addressed to the reception team, or by sending an email to

Your data will be shared with organizations carrying out activities related to your booking. This includes parties who are no part of Petite Suisse, for instance the insurance company in case you have purchased a travel or cancellation insurance policy.

Reviews and guest survey
Your review can help other guests. By sharing your experiences, you will provide others with a better understanding of Petite Suisse. The answers you provide in our guest survey will be analyzed by us in order to further improve our services. We may also contact you as a result of the filled out survey, for instance to ask you some additional questions or to thank you for your feedback.

You may call or email us or use the chat function at our website. To ensure you will not have to repeat your message, we store data. In order to improve our service every day, we analyze all contact moments.

We would love to know what you think of our services, as well as what your opinion is of our newsletter. For this reason, we analyze this behavior. It allows us to analyze your reading behavior and to create content that matches your wishes. We do this by registering unique visits, including all activities that take place as part of them. This includes viewing pages, zooming in on specific aspects or clicking links. Sometimes, a third party carries out these checks for us. Cases like these concern data that cannot be traced back to you personally.

Requisitioned data
We sometimes use guest data to investigate, prevent and oppose fraud. Under some circumstances, we are obligated to share personal data to relevant institutions. With respect to (international) sanction legislation, we may under certain circumstances share your data with financial institutions, for instance a collection agency.

Article 3 Right to review

Contact, review, change or deletion of data and complaints
Upon request, we can inform you whether we are processing your personal data. In addition, you may request, correct, complete, delete or block these data, for instance when they are incorrect. This may, however, have as a result that you are no longer able to use (part of) our services.

If you have any questions regarding your data, you may always contact us via

If you have a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data, you may also direct them at the relevant government authority (Authority Personal Data Belgium).

Article 4 Storage terms, Foundations and Security of data

Storage terms
We will store your personal data as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes as defined in this document. Based, among other factors, on legislation, it may be necessary for us to store data for a longer period of time.

Based on GDPR legislation, we are obligated to indicate which so-called foundations are used during processing of your personal data. When doing so, we consider the processing of data based on:

1) an agreement;

2) a justifiable interest on the part of Petite Suisse;

3) a granted permission;

4) a legal obligation

We primarily use your data in connection with your booking, meaning based on an agreement with you. Your booking is registered, and we do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Additional contact moments, such as reviews, marketing activities and registering and analyzing your actions, takes place in connection with a justifiable interest on the part of Petite Suisse.

Regarding subscription to a newsletter, you may do so yourself at our website. In this case, you grant us permission to use your data for this purpose.

In addition, we are legally obligated to store the administrative data for a period of seven years.

Security of data
We use extensive security procedures for the safekeeping of personal data processed by us, among other reasons to prevent any unauthorized parties getting access to these data. In addition, we use authorizations for processing certain personal data. Certain departments are able to process and view data, entirely based on their function.

Article 5 Cookie policy

Petite Suisse and third parties use cookies to analyze websites, to make them more user-friendly, to be able to offer social media and to show you relevant offers both on and outside of the website. By using the site, you consent to this use.

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer or other device during your visit to a website. By installing these cookies, Petite Suisse is better able to assist you in the present as well as in the future. Both Petite Suisse and other parties we cooperate with (such as Google) may store cookies on your computer and other devices. Petite Suisse makes a distinction between various kinds of cookies:

Functional cookies are used to improve user convenience, for instance to ensure you won't have to keep making the same selection or to log in again in case you already have before.

Transaction cookies are used when you have created a booking, and to pay our partners commission when applicable.

Analytics cookies are primarily installed on behalf of other parties such as Google Analytics. Using them, Petite Suisse can map visitor and search behavior, allowing us to assist you better as a (potential) guest. Petite Suisse has entered a processor agreement with Google. Your IP address is hidden, and sharing data is disabled. In addition, Petite Suisse does not use any other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.

Marketing or targeting cookies are installed in order to save your interests, so that we can make offers that are an extension of your interests, both on the Petite Suisse website and outside of it. Petite Suisse is also unable to show you automatic offers if you have already used them, or if you have already seen them several times. Without these cookies, there is a greater chance we will show you irrelevant advertisements. Please note: even without cookies, you may still encounter the advertisements by Petite Suisse.

Which third parties install cookies via the Petite Suisse websites?
Petite Suisse collaborates with third parties in the fields of social media, visitor statistics, advertisements and streaming videos who also install cookies. In this respect, the Petite Suisse partner companies include:

Google, Click Visit, Criteo, Dubbelclick, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Zopim

For more information regarding the method by which these parties handle cookies, please read their privacy conditions, for instance those of Google Analytics and Criteo.

Do you benefit from the storing of cookies?
Through the use of cookies, we are able to analyze search behavior and use it to make offers relevant to you. For instance, you will not be shown the same offer that does not match your wishes each time. We continuously work to improve our online service using the data we obtain from trends and behavior on our website. If you use social media like a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile, cookies ensure you are able to share your interests in an easy way without having to log in every time.

Petite Suisse aims for an experience that is as pleasant as possible, both at the camping and on the website. Cookies help us realize this experience on the website.

Can you delete cookies?
You can delete the cookies on your device at any time via your browser. You can also decide for yourself whether you want to accept cookies. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. You can configure your browser to refuse all cookies. We would like to point out that disabling cookies may limit your use of our website (as well as other websites).

Unsubscribing cookies
If you would like to deny advertisers permission to analyze your behavior, you can indicate so on the Your Online Choices website.

You can disable the use of Google cookies by navigating to the Google unsubscribing page for advertisements. The obtaining and processing of your IP address by Google Analytics can be blocked regarding the future acts of obtaining and processing at any time. More information can be found here:

Article 6 Social plugins by Facebook

With your permission, we use social plugins by, offered by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. The plugins can be recognized by the Facebook logo, or by the addition of 'Facebook Social Plugin'. When, for instance, you click a 'like' button or comment on something, the information in question is transferred from your browser directly to Facebook and stored there. Details about the way Facebook handles the obtained data and personal details in general can be found at: If you don't want Facebook to collect data, you will have to log out of Facebook before visiting our website.

Article 7 Social plugins by Twitter

For the purpose of using Twitter and the Re-Tweet function, we make use of Twitter's so-called 'social plugins', offered by Twitter Inc. 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107. If you use the Re-Tweet function, the websites you've visited are made known to third parties and linked to your Twitter account with your permission. Details about the handling and processing of your data by Twitter, as well as your rights and configuration options to protect your personal data, can be found in Twitter's privacy conditions and statements.

Petite Suisse reserves the right to make changes to the privacy statement. For this reason, please check the privacy statements regularly for updates.