Frequently asked questions

Below, you'll find some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. Please feel free to contact us in case your question is not answered.

Lees alles over Corona

How does arrival work outside of the reception's opening hours?

When you arrive outside of the reception's opening hours, you can report to the bar in the main building. In case the bar is closed as well, you can ring at the gate or at the front door until 23:00. If we are unable to help you by telephone, someone will make their way over to you. After 23:00 you will not be able to enter the camping with your car.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

In case you no longer wish to receive any newsletters, you can unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of the newsletter. Sometimes, automatically unsubscribing does not work because you have registered with a different email address in the past. The system will not recognize your current email address in this case, which causes the process of automatically unsubscribing to fail.

Solution: please fill out the contact form, on which you indicate that you would like to unsubscribe to the newsletter. Have you received another email address? Please provide us with both your old and new email address via the contact form.

How can I make a reservation?

You can make a booking via this website or make a reservation for a camping spot or rental opportunity via telephone. To do so, please call +32 (0)84 44 40 30. You could also choose to use the contact form.

Is electricity included in a package?

Please check carefully per package whether this is included. Some packages include electricity, for others the use is calculated afterwards based on the meter readings, at the electricity rate applicable at that moment.

Is there any entertainment at the campsite?

There is a full entertainment program during all school holidays from May to September, as well as during the autumn holidays.

Is electricity available?

All camping spots offer a 10 A (2.2 kWatt) connection. You will need a three-pole CEE plug (Europlug), as well as a maximum cable length of 25 meters. The use is paid separately at €4 per night, both for the standard camping spots and the Comfort camping spots.

Is Internet available at the campsite?

In and around the main building, you will be able to use the Wi-Fi connection free of charge. This means that at the terrace, around the swimming pool, at the restaurant and around the playground, you can check your email, send and receive WhatsApp messages and stay up to date on your social contacts via Facebook. You can also check the weather forecasts for free here.

Can I pay using camping checks?

We do not accept payments by camping checks, silver card or gold card.

Can I traverse Liège with my caravan? (attention! this is not allowed)

Are you on the road with the caravan, and will you need to pass Liège? Make sure to travel around the center. It is not allowed to take a caravan through Liège's center. Many people are unaware of this, but you'll risk a fine of 250 Euros if you do! Because Liège has had enough of busy traffic along the quay route, a ring road was created in 2001, called the Liège 'Ring'. In order to prevent heavy or large vehicles opting for the shorter route through the city anyway, that road has become off-limits for 'vehicles heavier than 7.5 tonnes, or longer than 6 meters'. The combination of a car plus a caravan or popup camper is not allowed to drive through the city any longer either. You will automatically enter the ring road if you keep following the direction of Luxembourg.

Should I bring my own bed linen?

When renting one of our accommodations, renting of bed linen is automatically included. This means you will not have to bring your own.

Do the Finnish chalets belong to the camping?

The Finnish chalets are not owned by the camping, they are the property of private owners. The interior varies per chalet as a result. All chalets do, however, meet the rental requirements set by the camping.

Are dogs/pets allowed at the camping?

If you are joining us using your own camping equipment, dogs are allowed provided they are kept on a leash. During peak season, we allow a maximum of one pet per camping spot. If you are renting an accommodation, you will have to contact reception to check whether the pet is allowed.

Corona en zekerheid, ben ik mijn geld kwijt als ik nu boek ?

Indien door de opgelegde maatregelen de camping niet mag openen in de periode dat je hebt geboekt, dan krijg je van ons het betaalde bedrag retour in de vorm van een voucher. Met die voucher kan je op een later tijdstip alsnog genieten van jouw welverdiende vakantie De voucher is 1 jaar geldig.