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Canoeing in the Ardennes

Canoeing in the Ardennes

Canoeing in the Ardennes from a panorama spot at Petite Suisse

Canoe trips can be booked from Petite Suisse with RHM Outdoor Sports. This company has a small office at the camping near the reception desk, from which they organize outdoor activities such as canoeing, abseiling, climbing courses etc. They also organize canoeing holidays. This transforms canoeing in the Ardennes from an activity into a lifestyle. Enjoy some great action during the vacation. New guests with common interests get to know each other and enjoy the tranquility on the water.


What will you find when you decide on canoeing in the Ardennes?

The Ardennes allow you to enjoy beautiful creeks, lots of green as well as plenty of peace and quiet. There will be moments on the water where you will feel like the only person in the world. You might have a sudden encounter with a beaver or a woodpecker, a circling bird of prey or a roe deer at the river bank. These moments happen. Spotting animals during a canoe trip in the Ardennes is one of the greatest activities there is. But don't forget to enjoy a nice picnic at one of the river's banks. Enjoy the sunlight and the water. You'll unwind completely!


Activities after a day of canoeing in the Ardennes

The surroundings are magnificent, the view is even better! This includes the time spent relaxing at your own spot at the camping after a day in the canoe, whether it is a camping spot, a furnished tent or a chalet. Of course, there are all kinds of activities available at the camping as well. There is an extensive entertainment program for guests of all ages. Take part in a volleyball competition, a water polo match, or go looking for foxes with the children during the Fox Search. There's no shortage of activities.

We haven't forgotten about refreshments either. The restaurant is a great place to spend some time after a day of canoeing in the Ardennes.

What is available for booking at Petite Suisse?

Would you like to relax at your own spot and sleep in a comfortable bed after an exerting day of canoeing in the Ardennes? If so, choose one of the accommodations. A wide selection of camping options is on offer as well, however, ranging from a furnished tent to renting a private camping spot. Take a look at what's still available!