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Belgian Luxembourg, land of folklore and sharing..

Invites you to experience the most beautiful, sporty, social, and emotional moments. The events organized in our green province are so plentiful that small, big, young, old... everyone can find something they enjoy. Let yourself be surprised and most of all get enchanted by the magical atmosphere of the Ardennes, the Gaume, the Famenne. A couple music notes exciting the eardrums, stories and legends that will have you dream away or give you goosebumps, sparkling carnivals with joy and color, the best flavors of the region... everything is aimed at coziness. Lovers of walking in the open air, whether it's sporty people or gourmets, will not be disappointed. Party people won't be either. From the small village party to international street art festivals, from strolling through a flea market to the aisles of an exhibition hall ... discovery and relaxation are the key words of a territory where you can experience everything together.