Discover the Ardennes

Become a true Ranger of the Ardennes! This program has been specially developed by the campsites associated with "Ardenne & Gaume camping holidays". The Ardennes Ranger Program takes the children into nature. Together with an Ardennes Ranger, the children discover facts of and in nature. Making rope bridges over the water, discover how to purify water and even take part in a bivouac in the forest. Activities are offered for different age groups.


Get a real Ranger Passport

A couple of the activities:


  • Build bridges, dams or cabins
  • Knapsacks travel
  • Survival tours
  • Tasting days
  • Different forest games and nature notes

For € 5.00, the children get a Ranger Passport with cap and can participate in all Ranger activities. These are listed separately in the animation programbook. If you also want to be in nature, please pick up a Ranger Passport at the reception of the campsite!

Ranger passport
Learn by discovering
Child friendly