1. Paved surface
  2. Beautiful view
  3. In the Ardennes

Petite Suisse, also offering camper spots in the Ardennes!

Are you looking for camper spots in the Ardennes offering the best view? Come join us at panorama camping Petite Suisse, a four-star camping situated on the southern slope of the charming village of Dochamps near La Roche, Durbuy and Houffalize. The spots are spaciously arranged and located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. These camper spots are equipped with all conveniences you could wish for as well, including a paved surface. Fantastic camper spots in the Ardennes at a prime location surrounded by nature? That's what the camper spots at Petite Suisse have to offer.

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Camper spot Ardennes

Our camper spots

  1. Private electricity and water tap points
  2. Dirty water disposal
  3. View of the hills
  4. In the heart of the Ardennes

Petite Suisse offers several camper spots in the Ardennes

Why choose for camper spots in the Ardennes at Petite Suisse? The camper spots in the Ardennes have their own electricity and water tap points, as well as disposal facilities for dirty water. There's also the possibility to empty and clean your own chemical toilet. You'll have a beautiful view of the hills from the camper spots in the Ardennes, because Petite Suisse is situated at a height of 500 meters. Camping Petite Suisse is opened year round, meaning you can enjoy our camper spots in the Ardennes during winter as well. The camping offers a restaurant, a bar and a camping store. If you're staying at the camper spots in the Ardennes, you will also get to enjoy all of the camping's facilities, such as entertainment, a heated outdoor swimming pool, sanitary facilities, a playground and a reception desk offering plenty of tourist information. If you would like more information, you can take a look at this website or contact our Dutch reception team, opened 365 days per year.

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If you opt for the Ardennes, you're choosing a magnificent natural area. Here, you can enjoy the views, peacefulness and adventure. Cycling, hiking, mountain biking, all of it is possible from camping Petite Suisse. Would you like to go on a survival trip? You can arrange one on-site at the panorama camping! Become a true archer, canoeist or adventurer and have the time of your life! The outdoor activities are organized by RHM Outdoor Sports. Book your camper spot online now, and come enjoy a great time. Would you rather stay at a fully furnished accommodation? That's possible at Petite Suisse as well! Take a look at the accommodations.

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Go on an adventure in the Belgian Ardennes. You can explore this beautiful area from campsite Petit Suisse, and you can book the best outdoor sports from the campsite.


Enjoying nature and the surrounding area in the Ardennes. Camping Petite Suisse allows you to enjoy a wonderful camping holiday, with plenty of outdoor activities on offer. Take a look at all there is to do!