1. Camping in the Ardennes
  2. Three types of family tents
  3. For four to six persons

Family tent at Petite Suisse

Camping at the most beautiful panorama camping in the Ardennes is possible without the stress of pitching a tent. The family tent will be ready upon your arrival, all you have to do is put away your luggage and you're ready to enjoy your stay. Choose one of three types of family tents, an Ottawa, a Bungalow or a Plop tent. All tents include everything you'll need during your camping trip. The Bungalow tents are cozily arranged along with some picnic tables, and offer you a pleasant atmosphere. The Ottawa tents are equally cozy and spacious, allowing you to open the sides for a spacious experience. Have you ever spent the night in a mushroom? That's what the Kabouter Plop family tent feels like. Take a look and find out which one is right for you! You can book the tents from three overnight stays. Bookings for less than three nights are only possible upon request and on a highly exceptional basis. It is not possible during peak season and other busy periods. Inquire about the possibilities.

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      Ardennes, Dochamps