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Finnish chalet

Finnish chalet in the Belgian Ardennes | Petite Suisse

  • In the heart of the Belgian Ardennes
  • Luxurious Finnish chalets
  • For five to six persons

Finnish chalets in the Ardennes

When thinking of camping, most people immediately associate it with the stress of packing, an overloaded car and the struggle of pitching a tent. You don't have to! Camping Petite Suisse offers beautiful, luxurious Finnish chalets as well. The chalets are completely made of wood, both inside and out, which not only gives them a great atmosphere but also provides you with the ultimate sense of nature. Come stay in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes at a luxurious Finnish chalet, offering all the conveniences you could wish for!


Our Finnish chalets

3 nights
2 people

Finnish Chalet 5 people

Ardennes, Dochamps
3 nights
2 people

Finnish Chalet 6 people

Ardennes, Dochamps

Enjoy the perfect vacation at a Finnish chalet

Petite Suisse is a wonderful camping in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, situated at a height of 500 meters. What could be better than waking up in the morning on the balcony of your Finnish chalet, a cup of coffee or tea in hand, while enjoying a phenomenal view? While staying at one of our Finnish chalets, you'll be surrounded by peacefulness, space and nature. But you won't have to be bored, because the greatest outdoor sports and survival activities are all within reach. Explore the beauty of the Belgian Ardennes from a canoe, or go on adventurous mountain bike trips through the hilly forests. The area is a true paradise for hikers as well, because the most beautiful hiking routes are found right here!

Will you be taking the children on a vacationwith you? They, too, will enjoy an unforgettable vacation at camping Petite Suisse! The camping is a true children's paradise in itself. The premises contain a large swimming pool, a soccer field, a bouncy castle as well as an outdoor playground and an indoor one. We serve special children's menus at the camping's restaurant, and there is plenty of entertainment during the holidays. Enjoy the perfect vacation, and easily book your Finnish chalet online!

A carefree vacation at a fully furnished Finnish chalet

Do you enjoy the charm and connection to nature offered by camping, but would you prefer to take as little as possible with you on vacation? If so, opt for a stay at a Finnish chalet! Our luxurious chalets offer all the conveniences you could wish for, the only thing you'll need to bring is your personal luggage. Enjoy a carefree vacation in the Belgian Ardennes! In addition to our luxurious Finnish chalets, Petite Suisse also offers numerous other accommodations. Take a look at our offer!


Explore the area from your Finnish chalet