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Luxurious chalet caravan

Luxurious chalet caravan in the Ardennes | Petite Suisse

  • In the Belgian Ardennes
  • Luxurious chalet caravan
  • For five persons

Luxurious chalet caravan in the Belgian Ardennes

Imagine this scene: a wonderful spring or summer day, a cup of coffee, tea or a drink with a Belgian delicacy. All you hear are the sounds of nature, and when you open your eyes you enjoy a phenomenal view of the expansive forests of the Belgian Ardennes. Don't just imagine it, experience it by staying at a luxurious chalet caravan at camping Petite Suisse, located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes!

3 nights
2 people

Wooden chalet caravan

Ardennes, Dochamps

Our luxurious chalet caravan

  • Luxurious chalet caravan
  • Up to five persons
  • Two bedrooms
  • Terrace with garden set
  • Fully equipped kitchen

A luxurious chalet caravan: all the conveniences you could wish for

Our luxurious chalet caravans come equipped with all the conveniences you could wish for, including a magnificent view. You can relax and unwind completely at your own terrace. The caravan features a complete garden furniture set, allowing the entire family to have breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors. In case the weather gets a little too cold or in case of rain, you'll have everything you need indoors, ranging from a fully equipped kitchen to a television set.

Petite Suisse offers two kinds of luxurious caravans, the 'luxury wooden chalet' and the 'luxury chalet caravan'. The luxury chalet caravan is suitable for five persons with a surface area of 37 m2, and offers a bedroom with a double bed and a children's room. The luxury wooden chalet offers room for up to four persons with two bedrooms. These chalets are the property of private owners, meaning each chalet is unique. Are you curious about our other accommodations? Take a look at our offer!

Relaxation and adventure from your luxurious chalet caravan

Whether you're going on a vacation at camping Petite Suisse with your partner, with the family or with a large group of friends, nobody will have to be bored for a moment. The camping offers all kinds of activities for guests of all ages. For the children, there's plenty of entertainment, a soccer field, a tennis court, a bouncy castle, an indoor playground and an outdoor one, as well as a beautiful swimming pool. The camping offers all kinds of amenities and facilities, allowing you to enjoy your vacation optimally.

There are also numerous adventures and activities to engage in in the surrounding area. Easily make a reservation for the greatest canoe trips, outdoor sports or survival activities at the camping, offered by RHM Outdoor Sports. Culture enthusiasts will have plenty to do as well. The camping is surrounded by idyllic villages, each of them unique and deserving of a visit. The many historic castles and beautiful caves are not to be missed either. Enjoy a carefree vacation and book your luxurious chalet caravan now!